Guide: Connect

This is the first screen which you will see after installing the application. Use it to connect all available sources with your music. You can add the most popular cloud storages, connect Mac or PC, import music from Apple Time Capsule or WD Cloud Mirror.


To connect cloud storage tap Add account, select your storage from the list of available storages and enter login/password for that storage. If you have some troubles when you add new storage please check your Internet connection, login and password. Currently the app supports different storages: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, Yandex.Disk, Media Fire, PCloud, HiDrive. You can add unlimited number of storages in PRO version and 3 in FREE version.


We use only official SDK and secure connection to interact with connected storages. Your login and password are not available for the application.


When you enter login and password the application shows you official authorization page that is provided by cloud service provider and all authorization process is made outside the application. Cloud service provider sends auth-token to the application after successful authorization and that token is used to make API calls.


Auth-token is digital key that allows third party applications to interact with cloud storage. You can reject this key at any time and application will loose connection with your cloud account. To reject auth-token login to your account on the web browser and navigate to the settings page. There you can find all third party apps which are connected to your cloud account and remove any of them if you don’t want to use that application anymore.


We use secure storage on your iOS device called Keychain to store Auth-Token.

This key is removed when you disconnect cloud account or delete the application.

You can change account configuration by tapping on the Edit button in the top right corner to activate edit mode and then settings icon near connected cloud account. 


You can also connect your computer or personal NAS using SMB or WebDAV protocol.


To connect computer using SMB protocol tap Add account - > SMB. Enter computer IP address and shared folder name in URL field using format smb://computer-ip-address/shared-folder-name, enter login and password and tap Done. If your connection is successful you will see connected storage in Accounts section.

Full tutorial about how to connect your MAC or PC using SMB avilable here:


For WebDAV protocol all steps are the same instead of URL field. URL should be in format http://server-name or https://server-name if server supports ssl.

Wi-Fi Drive is popular technology that allows you to transfer files from your computer to iOS device wirelessly using desktop browser.


To use this feature your device and computer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Open Connect -> Wi-Fi Drive and enable server. Then open desktop browser and enter URL from the application. You can drag-n-drop files from your computer to the opened web page and they will appear on the device.


iTunes File Sharing is another technology which allows you to transfer files from computer to device using iTunes and lightning cable. Just connect device to the computer using cable and run iTunes. Open iTunes -> Applications section and find Evermusic. Tap on the app icon to see shared folder. Copy files from the computer to the shared folder on the device. Detailed instructions about how to play iTunes files on my iPhone available here:


You can connect SD card using lightning card reader.

Currently the app supports Apple Certified card readers with "Power Drive" technology.


You can buy it on the Amazon:


Insert card reader to the lightning port and open the application. You will see "External device connected" message and device information. Just tap on SD card icon and open music folder. Tap on any audio file to start player.


View mode

On the top toolbar which is available under navigation bar there are several actions available: Search, Sort and View mode.

You can show and hide top toolbar using swipe to bottom gesture.


You can sort files and folders by different criteria.

Available sort options: Name, Size, Modification date.

Search feature performs search in current folder.

View mode has two values list and grid.

Online files

You can use built-in file manager to edit files located in the cloud storage. You can download files and folders, rename, move and so on. Once you start download operation file appears in transfer queue. You can access download manager in Files tab. Tap spinning arrows in top left corner to access transfer manager queue. All downloaded files and folders appear in Files section.


Editing files

If you need to edit files located on your cloud storage activate edit mode by tapping on Edit button in the top right corner. After this you will see checkboxes near every file. You can perform action for separate file or group of files. Select needed files by tapping on the checkbox.


Next actions available for the selected files:

Upload - upload file or folder to the remote storage.

Download - download file or folder from the storage to the Files section.

Move - move file or folder to different folder on the cloud storage.

Rename - rename file or folder on the remote storage.

Delete - delete file or folder from the cloud storage. This action cannot be undone.

New folder - create new folder on the remote storage.

Options menu

For every file or folder in the cloud storage there are several actions available and you can access them by tapping more button (...) If you don’t see all actions please scroll down to make all items visible.

Play all - replace player queue with items from selected folder.

Play next - add file or folder to the top of the player queue after now playing item.

Play later - add file or folder to the bottom of the player queue.

Add to playlist - add file or folder to the playlist. You can also create new playlist on the next screen. If you create playlist from folder it’s name will be assigned automatically.

Download - download file or folder to the device.

Move - move file or folder to the different folder on the cloud storage.

Rename - rename file or folder on the remote storage.

Edit audio tags - open built-in tags editor to change audio tags for selected file. In this case file will be downloaded automatically to the temp directory and upload to the storage after you commit changes.

Open in - export file to another app. File will be downloaded automatically to the device and then Share dialog will appear.

Delete - delete file or folder from the storage. This action cannot be undone.