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Save Space on Device

Got 100Gb of music collected by years but only 32Gb of storage on iPhone? Just move all your tracks to the cloud and free up such valuable space for photos, videos and apps.

Instant Access to Tracks

With support of the most popular cloud services Evermusic allows you to pick one or multiple services and stream your music from the cloud. No more iTunes synchronization, your audio files get uploaded to the cloud from PC or Mac just like other files.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows you to download favourite albums, tracks, genres and playlists for offline playback and listen to music, when you aren’t connected to the Internet.

Automatic sync

Sync manager automatically search for audio files located  in your cloud storage and import them to your music library. It also updates music library in the background when new changes available. Metadata loader automatically loads audio tags and build music library where tracks are grouped by album, artist, genre.

Your music in the cloud

Build your own advanced music streaming service for free. Take control of massive music library. Free up space and stream your music directly from the cloud with smart buffering techniques and smooth playback.

Transfer files easily

Connect your Mac or PC and stream your music directly from your home computer or NAS. You can also transfer audio files between the computer and iOS device using Wi-Fi Drive or iTunes File Sharing.


Audio formats

The most popular audio formats are supported: MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF, M4R.


Cloud services

The most popular cloud services are supported: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, Yandex.Disk, WD MyCloud Home, DLNA, MediaFire, WebDAV, SMB, MyDrive, pCloud, HiDrive.



Connect your computer or NAS using SMB, WebDAV, DLNA protocol. Advanced buffering technologies will provide smooth playback. You can also import audio files from your computer with iTunes File Sharing and Wi-Fi file transfer.


Offline music

If you want to listen to your music without Internet just download all needed songs, albums, artists and listen to your music offline. You can also enable audio player cache and all recently played songs will be downloaded automatically.



You can use this application as audiobooks player because there are three useful features: audio bookmarks, playback speed control, saving of media position.


Crossfade playback

With this feature all your songs are playing continuously. There is no pause between songs during playback.


AirPlay, Chromecast

You can stream your music to Apple TV and Google Chromecast devices.


Apple CarPlay

Listen to your music when you drive a car. Optimised user interface with high performance.


Automatic sync

Your music library automatically synchronised between cloud service and device. All songs are grouped by artist, album, genre.


Audio equalizer

This app has built in equalizer with different presets for the most popular music genres. But you can also select manual equalizer settings and change preamplifier gain if you need to make your music louder.



With this application you can create and manage playlists, change songs order in playlist. You can make playlist available offline. You can sort songs in your playlist by name, size, song number, album.


ID3 tags editor

If you have corrupted metadata in your files you can edit audio tags using ID3 tags editor.


File manager

You can manage your files using file manager. All basic operations are supported.


Advanced search

Smart search engine will help you to find favourite albums, artists, songs in your music library.


USB flash cards

You can also connect external card reader like SanDisk iXpand, PowerDrive and listen to music located on your SD card.



Congrats guys!

Very good music app ever

Well everything is working just fine for now. This is so great because I don't have to spend hours trying to find all my fave songs over again. I just put them onto my onedrive and stream it from there. Awesome.

Best offline music app

This app is honestly pretty awesome. Very easy to use. Easily syncs with cloud storage. Creating playlists is quick and easy. Upgrade to Pro for only $3 so you can download your music and avoid data consumption from streaming get rid of the adds. Pro also allows for easy file and folder management options to sort everything exactly like you want it.

Allows me to create playlists and sort song from cloud storage like Dropbox & Google Drive, which is invaluable to me as a studio engineer, producer, and recording artist. I need to stay up with the latest mixes of songs and be able to rearrange song order on the fly and this app allows me to do so!