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How To Enable DLNA Media Server on Windows 10 and Play Your Music on iPhone

DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) it's a set of guidelines that makes it easy to set up a device to stream different media content like music with other DLNA supported devices on the network. On Windows 10 and previous versions DLNA is built-in feature and you don't need a third-party media server.

To Enable DLNA Media Server on Windows 10

1. Click 'Start'.

2. Click 'Settings' icon.

3. On the 'Windows Settings' screen select 'Network & Internet'.

4. On the 'Network' screen select 'Network and Sharing Center'.

5. On the 'Network and Sharing Center' screen select 'Change advanced sharing settings' on the left menu.

6. On the 'Advanced sharing settings' screen scroll down to 'All Networks' section and expand it by clicking on arrow.

7. Click 'Turn on media streaming' to enable DLNA server.

8. Type media library name and choose allowed devices which will be able to read it.

9. Click 'OK' to confirm operation. Now your personal folders such as Music, Pictures, and Videos are visible to any streaming devices with UPnP support.

To Disable DLNA Media Server on Windows 10

1. Click 'Start' and type 'services' in the search field.

2. On the 'Services' screen scroll down to the 'Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service'.

3. Double click on it and set the 'Startup type' as 'Manual'.

Stop the service by clicking on 'Stop' menu item.

To Play Your Music On iPhone from DLNA Media Server on Windows 10

1. Install free app 'Evermusic' from the App Store:

2. Open 'Connect' tab and tap on 'Devices' item in 'Local Network' section.

3. Wait few seconds while devices list is loading and tap on the Windows Media Player DLNA server ('MSEDGEWIN10: My Windows Library:' in our case )

4. You will see the list of folders available on the media server.

5. Open any folder with audio files.

6. Tap any file to start audio player.

7. Tap 'Equlizer' icon near volume indication on the bottom of the screen to enable iPod Style equalizer with preamplifier.

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