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Soundy: Stream Your Music from SoundCloud to Chromecast

When will SoundCloud get Chromecast support on the iOS?

Is one of the hottest question in the SoundCloud Help Center. It was asked a year ago but nothing changed since that time in official SoundCloud iOS app. Many users unable to stream their music from SoundCloud to Chromecast using iPhone.

But we have an answer. Soundy – full featured SoundCloud audio player with Google Cromecast support. It’s absolutely free and available for your iPhone or iPad. With Soundy you can easily connect SoundCloud to TV using Google Chromecast or AirPlay.

In this tutorial we will show you some features of Soundy app and how you can stream your music from SoundCloud to Google Chromecast using your iPhone or iPad.

Install Soundy

Soundy can be downloaded directly from the App Store, it has many useful features like equalizer, speed control, audio bookmarks, sleep timer. One of the main feature is Google Chromecast support.

Connect your account (optional)

Once you downloaded Soundy you can connect your SoundCloud account and access your music across devices.

All your uploaded tracks will appear in Account tab. All your favorite music will appear in Favorites Tab. On the Playlists tab you can find your own playlists and playlists created by other users that you liked. Use segment control at the top of the screen to switch between you own/liked playlists.

But you can also create Playlists and manage your Favorites without SoundCloud account. All changes will be saved locally in the app’s bundle.

Soundy: connect account

Manage Playlists And Favorites

With Soundy you can edit your Playlists, change songs order and add tracks to Favorites.

You can also share music with your friends just tap on the Options button and select Share menu.

Soundy: my account

Find new music

If you already have a song or album in mind that you want to play then you can just search for it. You can search for your favorite songs, albums, playlists. Just open Top Charts tab and use Search field located at the top of the screen.

Select content type using segment control and tap Search button.

Use Options button to add founded tracks to Playlists/Favorites or Share them with your friends.

Soundy: Soundcloud search

Change playback speed and create audio bookmarks

You can also find audiobooks on SoundCloud and add them to your Music library.

If you have audiobooks these two features will be useful for you.

You can change playback speed from 0.2x to 2.0x and create audio bookmarks if you want to save playback position and start player from the saved position later.

Soundy: new bookmark


One of the killer feature is 10-band equalizer with iTunes presets. You can change EQ frequency from -12 to +12 decibels and use built in presets: acoustic, bass booster, bass reducer, classical, dance, deep, electronic, flat, hip-hop, jazz, latin, loudness, lounge, piano, pop, r&b, rock, small speakers, spoken word, treble booster, treble reducer, vocal booster.

Soundy: Equalizer

Stream to Chromecast

Finally we will show you how to stream your music form SoundCloud to Chromecast.

First you need to Set up Chromecast as described here:

Then you should start player in Soundy app and open Player screen.

You can find cast button near volume indicator.

Soundy: Chromecast Setup

Tap on the cast button and select available Chromecast device from the list.

Once connection established music will start playing on connected Google Cast device.

Soundy: lock screen

You can change Chromecast volume using volume slider on the Player screen.

You can also switch to next/previous song and use scrubber on the iPhones lock screen.

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