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How to play music on iPhone from WD My Cloud Home

8 TB Of Music On Your iPhone?

Yes it’s possible with Evermusic and WD My Cloud Home. If you have your own music library with all favorite albums, artists, exclusive recordings but don’t know how to play all this on your iPhone just spend 2 minutes of your time and you will see how to stream music from WD My Cloud Home on iPhone.

There are lot of personal NAS servers on the market. All of them has advantages and disadvantages. Some of them is more complex but some of them not. One of the simplest kind of personal network attached storage was made by Western Digital. The main idea of the storage - make device setup and usage as simple as it possible for all customers. There are no difficult settings or configuration profiles and setup process takes 3 minutes of your time. You can buy WD My Cloud Home on their website Once you received it just plug your device to the power supply and connect network cable. Open home page and create your account. You device is now connected to the Internet and you can access all your files from any place using your web browser. Next step - copy your music from computer, CD, DVD to the My Cloud Home device and yes it will take some time but you need to do this only once.

Ok, you said, but how all that music appears on my iPhone? The answer is - Evermusic, default music player for thousands of customers who sick and tired because of Apple Music, Spotify, Plex and all that kind of services which take your money every month and quality of sound not always perfect. Now it's your turn to decide do you want to pay every month for features you can get for free. With Evermusic you can build your own music streaming service without limits.

So all you need now is download free app from the App Store here , skip all intro pages and on the last page - select WD My Cloud Home from the list of all available cloud services and enter credentials received after registration.

Evermusic uses secure connection and official API developed by engineers of Western Digital so all you data and communication is safe. You can listen to your music online directly from NAS located at home or download tracks for offline playback if you don’t have free Internet.

You can manage your files, edit tags, change playback speed and tons of other features.

One of the killer feature is equalizer with iPod style presets and you can also create your own. You can read more about Evermusic here.

Thanks for your time :)

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