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Flacbox Guide: Navigation

Flacbox stands out with its user-friendly interface, akin to the native Music app. What sets it apart is its built-in file manager, allowing audio file editing and seamless cloud storage transfers.

The app is thoughtfully organized into two components: the Music Library (in "Music Library" and "Playlists" tabs) and the Files section (under "Connections" and "Local Files" tabs).

For iPhone, iPad, or compact Mac users, all features are accessible via the bottom tab bar, while iPad and Mac users find the menu on the left side, making navigation a breeze.

evermusic main screen on mac

Connections: Easily link cloud services like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, MEGA, OneDrive, Dropbox, and your computer or personal NAS.

Playlists: Manage playlists, create, edit, reorder, enable offline mode, and add songs to the queue.

Music Library: Neatly displays tracks, grouped by Artist, Genre, and Album. Add songs manually or automatically, including downloaded tracks.

Local Files: Locate and oversee downloaded files, control the transfer queue, and edit local files. Access the transfer queue via the spinning arrows icon on the 'Local Files' screen (iPhone). On Mac and iPad, it's split into 'Files in this application' and 'Files on this iPad (Mac).'

Settings: Customize settings, including crossfade playback, library sync, cache, UI, and localization.

Quick Access: Find favorite and recently played tracks and files. Mac and iPad users have a dedicated section, while iPhone users access them in the top sections.

Mini Player: On iPhone, tap the mini player icon to activate a full-screen player, swipe-down to hide. On iPad and Mac, the mini player is at the top, toggle via the main menu.

evermusic mini player on iphone

Mini Player Window (Mac Exclusive): To access the mini player window on your Mac, simply move your cursor to the bottom-right edge of the app window and resize it to the smallest possible size. Then, tap the collapse button (depicted as a downward arrow) to activate the mini player window. To keep the mini player window always on top of other windows, navigate to the top menu bar of your Mac, select 'Window,' and then choose 'Show Window Always On Top.'

evermusic mini player on mac

More Button: Available for every content item, offering access to all available actions.

evermusic more button context menu

Top Toolbar: Situated below the navigation bar, it provides quick access to various actions. Swipe down to show or hide it.

Search: Initiate a search.

Continue Playback: Restore the audio player's state for the current directory, album, artist, or playlist.

Play All: Add all tracks from the current page to the player queue.

Shuffle All: Add and shuffle all tracks for a delightful listening experience.

evermusic top toolbar

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