Guide: Playlists

Playlists section allows you to organize tracks in the list with different track combinations and order.


Create Playlist

Tap plus button to create playlist and assign name for it.

Once you enter playlist name and tap Save button - Add songs dialog will appear. Here you can select which tracks you want to add to the new playlist. All tracks grouped by source type. There are several options available. Music library - tracks located in your music library, Files - all audio files available for offline playback ( you can add local files to the app by downloading them from the cloud storage, importing from WiFi Drive or iTunes file sharing ). Accounts - all online files located on the connected cloud storages. By default you can add track only once to the playlist. If you want to add duplicate songs to the playlist you should enable this feature in app settings.


Change songs order

If you want to change songs order in the playlist tap Edit button in the top right corner and use reorder control near every track to move it up or down. If you tap reorder control this will move track to the top of the list. You can also change songs order by using Sort function. Tap more button under playlist artwork and select Sort. You can sort tracks in playlist by Name, Size, Song number, Album, Artist. Tap Done to exit edit mode and apply changes.

Change playlist cover image

Tap Edit button in the top right corner and tap camera icon above the playlist image. Select image from the available sources and tap Done to close image select dialog. Tap Done again to save changes


Add songs to playlist

Open playlist and tap Edit button. Tap Add songs button under playlist artwork image to open dialog. Select tracks and tap Done button to confirm changes.


Playlist options

You can access playlist actions by tapping More button on the playlist detail screen. Next actions available for the playlist:

Play all - play all tracks in playlist and replace player queue.

Play next - add playlist tracks to the top of existing player queue.

Play later - add playlist tracks to the bottom of existing player queue.

Rename - rename playlist.

Delete - delete playlist from the Music library. This action cannot be undone.

Offline -make playlist available offline. In this case all existing and new tracks will be downloaded automatically.


Track options

Every track in playlist has it’s own list of options and you can access them by tapping more button (...) If you don’t see all actions please scroll down to make all items visible. You can delete track from playlist, download it, edit audio tags and much more.

Play next - add track to the top of player queue.

Play later - add track to the bottom of player queue.

Add to playlist - add track to the playlist.

Download - make track available offline. Track will be added to the transfer queue and will appear in Files tab and Downloaded music section in Music library.

Edit audio tags - open built-in tags editor where you can change tracks metadata.

Open in - export track and open it in another app.

Delete from cloud storage - delete track from playlist and cloud storage. This action cannot be undone.

Remove from playlist - delete track from playlist.