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Support: Soundy

How to Download music?

Soundy only streams legal free songs.
Soundy uses SoundCloud® API and respects their policy.
We do not provide caching and downloading any tracks.

How to stream my music from SoundCloud to Chromecast device?

Soundy allows you to stream your favorite tracks from SoundCloud to Google Chromecast. 
Use the following instructions to setup your Google Chromecast device:

How can I Search for Music?

– Open ‘Search’ tab.
– Tap ‘Search in SoundCloud’ text field.
– Select type: Songs, Playlists, Albums.
– Enter search string and tap ‘Search’ button.

How to create Playlist?

– Open ‘Playlists’ Tab. or ‘My account’->’Playlists’->’My own playlists’
– Tap ‘+’ button.
– Enter a name for new Playlist.
– Tap Save button.

How to add audio files to the Playlist?

– Select Playlist you want to edit.
– Tap ‘+’ button.
– Select audio files you want to add from the list of available sources and tap ‘Done’ button.

How can I enable Sleep-Timer?

On iPhone
– Open Player Screen.
– Tap ‘…’ (More) button.
– Select Sleep Timer in Drop Down Menu.

On iPad
Tap ‘Sleep Timer’ button in upper right corner.

How can I use equalizer?

- Open the Player Screen.
- Tap Equalizer icon.
- Select available preset (rock, pop, dance, disco..) or change equalizer frequencies to built your own preset.
- Toggle switch control to activate equalizer.

How can I play tracks from my SoundCloud account?

- Open ‘My account’ Screen.
- Enter your email/password or select ‘Sign in with Google/Sign in with Facebook’.
- Once you successfully connected use main menu to listen to your music from 'Liked Songs', 'Playlists', 'Uploaded songs', 'Reposted songs'.

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