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Equalizer for SoundCloud

with crossfade and bass booster


Listen to your SoundCloud music on Google Chromecast device.


Try 10-band equalizer, playback speed control, sleep-timer, audio bookmarks and many other features.


Search for your favorite tracks, artists, albums and play them with single tap.


Smart search engine will help you to find your favorite tracks, artists, albums, playlists, audiobooks


Connect your SoundCloud account and manage your playlists and favorites.


Full featured media player and unique user experiences.


Stream your music from SoundCloud to Google Chromecast and AppleTV device.

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Play music in background with remote controls support


Album covers are extracted from the tags or downloaded from the internet.


Change playback speed and create audio bookmarks when you listen to audiobooks, podcasts, lectures.


Sleep timer with 1 min to 24 h range options to turn off music.

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Chromecast and SoundCloud go together very nicely with this product thank you very much. It makes my Soundcloud subscription more worthy. I have used the iPad edition and it is nice to hear Soundcloud playlist on my home theater system versus my desktop or earphones. I anticipate more Soundcloud usage as a result of this product.

All SoundCloud playlists are imported and can also be customized inside Soundy. The the 5 band Eq is much better than the iPhone generic as well as the the Spotify premium app. Overall it's easy to use, find new music and to customize eq settings

This should help SoundCloud get a leg up on the others. Finally an app the let's me adjust the music to my liking - or so that it sounds best - through my headphones, my Bluetooth speaker, or through my full stereo system. Simply - thank you. Thank you VERY MUCH !!

I've tried a few apps that "Say" they are the best addition to SoundCloud, yet where are they?? This one by far is the and has been the best one yet. I'd rather use this app then actual SoundCloud. I haven't experienced any issues while using it and it has the best sound enhancements. Thank you Soundy..