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What is the difference between Evermusic and Evermusic Premium

Evermusic and Evermusic Premium are two different versions of the same music player application, with Evermusic Premium offering additional features and benefits compared to the standard Evermusic version.

Currently, the free version of the application has one in-app purchase that allows you to remove all restrictions and upgrade to the Premium version. This is a lifetime purchase and it will work on every iOS device connected to the same iTunes account. Since the app does not have a subscription model and only a one-lifetime in-app purchase - purchases on iOS and Mac versions of the app are different so you can upgrade only the version that you need.

Evermusic Pro (app with red icon) has the same functionality as Evermusic Free (blue icon) with activated purchase. So there is no need to install a "red" app if you have already upgraded the "blue" app with purchase. These apps have different bundle id so if you activate in-app purchases in the "blue" app you will not be able to install the "red" app for free.

evermusic free icon

Evermusic Free

Contains ads: The free version displays ads to generate revenue, which can occasionally disrupt your music listening.

Limited playlists: You can create up to 10 playlists in the free version.

Restricted cloud services: The free version supports up to 3 cloud services.

Limited favorites: You can add a maximum of 100 songs to your favorites in the free version.

Playlist and queue limits: The free version has limits on the number of songs you can add to a single playlist (1,000) and the maximum number of songs in the player queue (750).

Limited offline features: The free version has restrictions on offline access, including only 1 offline folder and the ability to download albums, artists, genres, playlists, and composers offline.

No iTunes music collections export: You cannot export collections from iTunes music to Local Files in the free version.

evermusic pro icon

Evermusic Premium

Ad-free experience: Evermusic Premium eliminates ads, providing a seamless and uninterrupted music listening experience.

Unlimited playlists: You can create an unlimited number of playlists with Evermusic Premium.

Unlimited cloud services: Evermusic Premium allows you to connect to an unlimited number of cloud services, expanding your music library access.

Unlimited favorites: You can add an unlimited number of songs to your favorites in Evermusic Premium.

Playlist and queue flexibility: Evermusic Premium removes limitations on playlist and queue size, giving you more control over your music organization.

Extensive offline features: Evermusic Premium offers advanced offline capabilities, including the ability to download folders, albums, artists, genres, playlists, and composers offline.

iTunes music collections export: You can export collections from iTunes music to Local Files.




No ads



Maximum number of playlists



Maximum number of cloud services



Maximum number of favorites



Maximum number of songs in one playlist



​Maximum number of songs in a player queue



Download and upload folders



Download albums, artists, genres,



Offline folders



​Offline albums, artists, genres, playlists, composers



Export collections from iTunes music to Local Files



Download files



Export songs from iTunes music to Local Files



Restore purchases

If you already purchased the app and reinstall it again you can use this "Restore purcchases" menu which is located in the application settings to restore your purchase and continue using the Premium version.

Try Premium for free

You can upgrade to the Premium version for free but for a limited time only using "Try premium for free" menu. Just watch an advertisement or tell your friends about this app to get the Premium version for free.

What to choose?

In summary, Evermusic Premium offers an enhanced and more feature-rich music player experience compared to the free version of Evermusic. Users who want advanced features, an ad-free experience, and extensive offline access to their music library may find Evermusic Premium to be a worthwhile investment. However, the choice between the two versions ultimately depends on your specific music listening needs and preferences.


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