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Transfer your files from the computer to iPhone using SMB protocol

Do you have an extensive collection of large files on your MAC or PC and wish to access them effortlessly from your iPhone or iPad? Our apps provide a simple solution.

Follow these steps to enable seamless access between your computer and iOS device using the SMB protocol:

Step 1: Enable SMB Protocol on Your Computer

For MAC:

1. Open "System Preferences" on your MAC.

2. Click on "Sharing."

3. Enable the "File Sharing" service.

4. Add your music folder to the "Shared Folders" section. Add a user and choose the permission level (Read & Write or Read Only). You can opt for "Everyone:Read Only" for the added music folder.

Mac Settings Screen

5. Remember the computer URL (smb://192.168.xx.xx), as you will use it in the next steps.

6. Click on "Options" and activate "Share files and folders using SMB."

Mac File Sharing Screen

7. Enable "Windows File Sharing" for available accounts.

Mac Smb Sharing Screen

For Windows PC:

1. Right-click on your music folder.

2. Select "Properties."

3. Navigate to the "Sharing" tab.

4. Click on "Share..."

5. Choose the individuals with whom you want to share the folder and specify the permission level. You can select "Everyone:Read" for the chosen music folder.

Window SMB Sharing Screen

6. Click "Done."

7. Click "Done" in the "File Sharing" window, and remember the folder path.

Windows SMB Shared Folder

Step 2: Connect Your iOS Device

1. Open the app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Go to the "Connections" Tab.

Evermusic Connections Screen

If Your Computer Appears in "Available Devices" Section:

If your computer is visible in the "Available devices" section and you selected "Anyone:Read Only" in the previous step, simply tap on your computer, and it will connect automatically.

If Your Computer Doesn't Appear Automatically:

1. Tap "Connect a cloud service."

2. Select "SMB" in the "Connect a cloud service" screen.

Evermusic Connect A Cloud Service Screen

3. In the "SMB Connect" screen, enter the server URL with the shared folder path. You may use the server name or server IP:

For Example:


4. Enter your Login and Password or leave these fields blank if you selected "Anyone:Read Only" in the previous step.

5. The "WORKGROUP" field is optional and should be used if you have an Active Directory Domain.

Evermusic SMB Connector Screen

6. Once you've connected your computer using the SMB protocol, it will appear in the "Cloud services" section of the "Connections" screen.

7. Open the connected service and navigate to the desired folder.

Evermusic Opened SMB Folder

8. You can utilize the built-in file manager to edit your files as needed.

Evermusic File Manager

With these steps, you can effortlessly access your vast collection of files from your MAC or PC on your iPhone or iPad using our apps.


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