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Play music from Dropbox on your iPhone when you are offline

Evermusic - Play music from Dropbox on your iPhone when you are offline

Dropbox is good solution for storing your files in the cloud. But you are not limited with office file types only. You can upload audio content also. Imagine if you have ripped your favorite CDs and now you have cool music library with all favorite albums and artists. It would be great if you can take this tons of music anywhere you go. Be able to listen to your music online when you have Internet connection or download it for offline when you far away from WiFi or cellular network. What if you can build your own music streaming service like Spotify but without any limits.

For all these cases we created Evermusic - your all in one music player, streamer, downloader and playlists manager. You can connect any cloud storage with your audio tracks and listen to music like you do this with native Music app. You can also download any track, playlist, album for offline playback at any time and take your music with you when you driving a car or running in the park.

There are 3 simple steps which helps you to build cloud music streaming service and free up space on device by moving all your music in the cloud.

Move Your Music To The Cloud

First you need is move all your music folders to the cloud. Just register and sign into your Dropbox account using desktop web browser. Install Dropbox app on your computer and move your audio tracks to the Dropbox folder. It will take some time to sync all your data to the server.

Move your music to Dropbox

Install Evermusic app

Evermusic is absolutely free and available both for iPhone and iPad for devices running iOS 8.0 or later.

You can download it from the App Store:

Once you installed Evermusic open 'Connect' Tab, select Dropbox from the list of available cloud accounts and add your account. You can authorize your account using native app or web form with login/password. This connection is absolutely secure and we don't have access to your data and account.

Install Evermusic

Enjoy your music

You can connect unlimited number of accounts. Evermusic scan connected cloud storages for supported audio files (MP3, WAV and so on). All founded files will appear in 'Music Library' Tab. You can start player by tapping on any audio file. You may enable built in 10 band equalizer with iPod style presets, preamplifier and bass booster. If you love audio books you may find audio bookmarks and playback speed feature useful as well. Sleep timer will help you turn off music after selected timeout. Evermusic supports remote controls and music playback on the lock screen. You can also stream your music to Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

Download for Offline

As we told before you can download you favorite tracks for offline playback just select 'Download' in options menu. There is also player cache and all your recently played files can be accessed offline in Files section. Offline playlists also available just enable 'Available Offline' option for selected playlist.

Edit audio files like a pro

Evermusic is also cool file manager and it supports all basic file operations like rename, move, delete, upload, download. So you can manage your music library and remove unused tracks or duplicates. There is also ID3 Tags Editor and now updating your tracks metadata is not challenge anymore.

And one more thing ...

Evermusic is absolutely free.

It was designed for iPhone, iPad with iOS 8.0 and later.

You can download it from the App Store here:

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