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How to use the audio equalizer on your iPhone, iPad, Mac with Evermusic and Flacbox

When it comes to audio players, finding the right equalizer can make all the difference in your music listening experience. Our audio apps, Evermusic and Flacbox, stand out as full-featured audio players equipped with a professional 10-band equalizer and a range of exciting features. Let's dive into the world of audio enhancement and discover why our equalizer sets us apart.

Why Do We Need an Equalizer?

In a perfect world, where music files and headphones are flawless, an equalizer might seem unnecessary. However, our daily lives often revolve around less-than-ideal listening environments — commuting, working out, or strolling through noisy city streets. These situations, combined with the limitations of standard headphones, call for the power of EQ adjustments.

Here's why you might need an equalizer:

Fine-Tune Frequency Balance: Not all music recordings share the same frequency balance, and that's the beauty of artistic creativity. An equalizer lets you adjust these frequency components to your desired balance.

Compensate for Imperfect Headphones/Speakers: Earbuds may lack low frequencies, while in-car audio systems or computer speakers vary significantly in sound output. EQ can help tailor the audio to your hardware.

Adapt to Background Noise: Whether you're in a subway, a car, or a bustling crowd, background noise can disrupt your music. EQ adjustments can compensate for these acoustic variations, eliminating the need to crank up the volume.

Creative Audio Enhancement: Equalizers aren't just for fixing imperfections; they're creative tools too. Boost bass and treble for a party vibe or fine-tune the sound for a DJ session.

How Does the Equalizer in Evermusic and Flacbox Work?

Our apps boast a powerful 10-band equalizer, offering precise control over specific sound frequencies. Here's how it works:

Frequency Control: The equalizer spans 10 different frequencies, ranging from 32 Hz to 16 kHz. Adjust the amplifier gain for each frequency using intuitive sliders.

Presets: Choose from a variety of predefined equalizer presets, including Acoustic, Bass Booster, Hip-Hop, Rock, and more. Each preset tailors the sound to suit different music genres, listening environments, or speaker setups.

Create Your Own Presets: Feeling creative? Craft and save your custom equalizer presets to match your unique preferences or audio equipment.

Preamplifier Gain: If your track lacks volume, use the preamplifier slider to boost the output and enjoy a louder, clearer sound.

Activating the Equalizer in Evermusic and Flacbox:

It's a breeze to activate and customize the equalizer in our apps:

1. Open the "Audio Player" screen in Evermusic or Flacbox.

2. Tap on the equalizer icon located at the bottom of the screen.

3. Toggle the switch at the top to activate the equalizer.

Evermusic Equalizer Screen

4. Choose from the array of preset options from the pop-up menu.

Evermusic Equalizer Presets

5. Fine-tune your sound by dragging the frequency sliders up or down to adjust the volume in decibels.

Evermusic Equalizer Sliders

6. Save your unique equalizer configuration for future listening.

Evermusic Equalizer New Configuration

7. For an extra volume boost, utilize the preamplifier slider to crank up the output.

Evermusic Equalizer Preamplifier

Elevate your music experience, tailor your audio to any scenario, and enjoy the perfect sound with the versatile equalizer in Evermusic and Flacbox.



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