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How to use the audio equalizer on your iPhone, iPad, Mac with Evermusic and Flacbox

Most audio players include different variations of equalizers, starting with some primitive ones concluding with too elaborate and confusing ones. Our audio apps Evermusic and Flacbox are full-featured audio players that have a professional 10-band equalizer with many popular presets like Electronic, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer. Furthermore, the app features all the other stuff you would like to see in a music app: easy playlist control, shuffle, repeat, audio bookmarks, favorites, sleep timer, playback speed control.

Why do we need an equalizer?

In an ideal listening environment, with perfect music files and perfect headphones, you wouldn't need to boost bass or tweak treble—so you wouldn’t need an equalizer for your music on your iOS device.

But most of us spend time listening on the train, at the gym, or while walking along city streets—situations that from an aural perspective fall far shy of perfection—and with less-than-perfect headphones. That’s where EQ can make a big difference.

Adjust the frequency components of music material to desired balance – not all recordings are of the same frequency balance, and they can’t be so because music is creativity. Sometimes we may want to adjust frequency balance for a better listening experience.

Compensate for imperfect loudspeakers/headphones frequency response – earbuds always lack low frequencies but have abundant high-mid. In-car audio systems vary significantly in the low/bass output while computer speakers need more EQ than serious hi-end loudspeaker systems

Compensate for changing acoustical background noise (in the subway, in a car, in crowded places) to avoid the need to increase the total volume.

If you listen at a low volume, you might want to raise low and high frequencies. When you are listening to it loud, you will probably benefit from reducing the hi-mid region as most sensitive. You can use the equalizer as a creative tool in a party/DJ.

How is equalizer in Evermusic and Flacbox works?

With a 10-band equalizer in our apps, you can fine-tune specific frequencies of the sound spectrum. The equalizer has 10 different frequencies from 32 Hz to 16 kHz and you can change amplifier gain for every frequency using a slider. You can customize the sound for different genres, rooms in your home, or specific speakers.

Choose predefined equalizer preset (Acoustic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Classical, Dance, Deep, Electronic, Flat, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Loudness, Lounge, Piano, Pop, R&B, Rock, Small Speakers, Treble Booster, Treble Reducer, Vocal Booster).

You can create and save your own audio equalizer preset. You can also change preamplifier gain if your track is not loud enough.

How to activate an equalizer in Evermusic and Flacbox?

Open the "Audio Player" screen and tap on the equalizer icon at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the toggle at the top of the screen to activate the equalizer. Choose a preset option from the pop-up menu.

Drag the frequency sliders up or down to increase or decrease the volume of a frequency (in decibels).

Save your custom equalizer configuration.

Use preamplifier slider to increase output volume.

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