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How to upload my files to the cloud storage and connect them to Evermusic, Flacbox, Evertag

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If you have not got an account in one of the cloud services we support, please go to their website to sign up.

Evermusic: Create your Google Account

You can connect any of supported accounts: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, MediaFire, Yandex.Disk, MEGA, SMB, MyDrive, pCloud, HiDrive, WebDAV.

Evermusic: Go to Google Drive

Once you got an account, download cloud service application for Mac or PC and install it.

Evermusic: Download Google Drive for MAC

Follow the instructions of the cloud service on moving files to the cloud.

Evermusic: Change Google Drive Sync Settings

Once the upload is complete, you may open one of our apps on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and login to the cloud service to get access to your files.

1. Open "Connections" tab and tap "Connect a cloud service" menu item.

Evermusic: Connect a cloud service

2. Select a cloud service from the list of supported services.

Evermusic: Select a cloud service

3. Enter login and password for that service.

Evermusic: Enter Login Password for a Cloud Service

4. Allow access to the files stored on your cloud service.

We use only official SDK and secure connections to interact with connected cloud services. Your login and password are not available for the application. All requests from the application to the cloud service are encrypted. When you enter login and password the application shows you the official authorization page that is provided by the cloud service provider and all authorization process is made outside the application. The cloud service provider sends an auth-token to the application after successful authorization and that token is used to make API calls. Auth-token is a digital key that allows third-party applications to interact with cloud storage. Auth-token is stored on your device in secure system storage called Keychain. You can download your files from the connected cloud service to the device and those files will be placed in the app "Documents" directory. You can remove that files anytime using the built-in file manager. The application does not share any information from the connected cloud account. You can revoke access to your cloud account anytime by opening the account settings page on your web browser. To reject auth-token login to your account on the web browser and navigate to the settings page. There you can find all third-party apps which are connected to your cloud account and remove any of them if you don’t want to use that application anymore. You can also disconnect the connected cloud accounts in the application and auth-token will be also removed from your device. If you remove the application from your device all downloaded data and access tokens will be also removed.

Evermusic: Allow Permissions for Cloud Service

5. Open connected cloud service in the app to see cloud files. You can use the built-in file manager to Move, Rename, Delete, Download your files. Just use more actions button "..." to see all available actions.

Evermusic: List Of Files

Connecting your cloud service to our apps streamlines file access and management, making it easier than ever to enjoy your files across different devices.

Say goodbye to storage limitations and hello to convenience!

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