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How to play FLAC (lossless) music on my iPhone

Flacbox Icon - FLAC music player and downloader

Apple's iOS 11 brought support for FLAC audio format to the Files app, but FLAC files can be quite large. Imagine having the flexibility to play your own FLAC music library from the cloud and download it whenever you want. That's where Flacbox steps in, providing a comprehensive solution to this music lover's dream.

Flacbox is a feature-rich music player that supports a wide range of popular audio formats, including FLAC, OGG, OPUS, MP3, and WAV.

Key Features:

Cloud Player:

With Flacbox, you can effortlessly connect your preferred cloud accounts from popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and MEGA. Simply open the folder containing your audio files and tap on any file to start playing.

Audio Downloader:

When you want to enjoy your lossless audio files offline, download them and listen to your FLAC music on the go – in the car, on a plane, or during a walk. If you need more space on your device, delete the local audio cache and download it again whenever you like.

NAS and Computer Access:

For those with extensive music libraries on NAS, Wi-Fi Disk, or home computers, connect to them using the SMB protocol. Now, all your tracks are available on your iPhone or iPad. You can also transfer files using iTunes' File Sharing or Wi-Fi Drive feature.

File Management and Playlists:

Flacbox acts as a powerful file manager and audio downloader, allowing you to edit, move, and delete files to keep your music library up to date. Create playlists, change the order of songs, and make playlists available offline.

Smart Sync:

Flacbox features a smart sync function that scans all connected cloud accounts for audio files and imports them into your cloud library. Your cloud music library is a compact local database with links to files on your cloud storage. It's lightweight and blazingly fast, capable of adding over 20,000 tracks to your music library. Simply select music folders in sync settings and wait for the app to finish scanning.

Albums, Artists, Genres, Smart Search:

Once your tracks are added to the music library, take advantage of the metadata reader, which scans added tracks for available metadata and groups all songs by artist, album, and genre. Easily search for your favorite albums, artists, and tracks with a single tap.

ID3 Tags Editor:

For tracks without metadata or when you need to edit ID3 tags, use the Metadata Editor. This feature streamlines cleaning up and organizing your music library, offering autocorrect and autofill features for effortless management.

10-Band Equalizer, Bass Booster, Preamplifier:

Flacbox includes a robust equalizer with a bass booster, iTunes-style presets, and a preamplifier. Customize your sound system to achieve more decibels or configure it for a new level of sound quality.

Air Streaming:

Flacbox includes air streaming, making it a must-have feature for Apple TV or Google Chromecast users, and it's available in all our audio apps.

Best of all, Flacbox is completely free and compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 8.0 and later.

Download it now from the App Store: Get Flacbox

Elevate your music experience with Flacbox and embrace the freedom to enjoy your FLAC music library from anywhere, at any time.


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