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How to play FLAC (lossless) music on my iPhone

Flacbox - FLAC music player and downloader

Apple added support of FLAC audio format in the new Files app which available in iOS 11. But as you know FLAC files are pretty big and it would be great if you can play your own FLAC music library from the cloud and download it anytime.

Flacbox was designed to solve this problem. This app is full featured music player and it supports the most popular audio formats like FLAC, OGG, OPUS, MP3, WAV.

Cloud Player

With this app you just need to connect your own cloud account from the list of the most popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, MEGA. Then open the folder with audio files and tap on any file to start the player.

Audio Downloader

If you want to play your lossless audio files offline just download them and listen to your FLAC music in the car, plane or during walk. Then if you need more space on device just delete local audio cache and download it again at any time.

We have a good tutorial about how to stream your FLAC music from Google Drive.

If you have large music library on the NAS, Wi-Fi Disk or home computer just connect to it using SMB protocol and now all your 100K tracks available on iPhone or iPad. You can read more about how to connect your iPhone with Mac or PC here.

But you can also transfer files with standard ways using iTunes’ File Sharing of Wi-Fi Drive feature as described in this tutorial.

Flacbox is powerful file manager and audio downloader so you can edit, move, delete files to keep your music library updated. You can create playlists, change order of the songs in playlist, make playlist available offline.

Smart Sync

This app has smart sync feature. It scans all connected cloud accounts for the audio files and import them to your cloud library. You cloud music library is just local database with the links to the files located on your cloud storage. It has small size and works very fast. You can add more than 20K tracks to your music library. All you need is select music folders in sync settings and wait for some time when app finished scanning of your folders.

Albums, Artists, Genres, Smart Search

After your tracks were added to the music library it's time for another great feature. Metadata reader which scans added tracks for available metadata and group all songs by artist, album, genre. So you can search for your favorite album, artist, track in one tap.

ID3 Tags Editor

If you have some tracks without metadata or you need to edit ID3 tags for audio files just use Metadata Editor. This feature will help you clean up and organize your music library. It has autocorrect and autofill feature so work with it is very easy.

10 band Equalizer, Bass booster, Preamplifier

We can't imagine cool player without good equalizer and Flacbox has it. Bass booster, iTunes style presets, preamplifier will make it possible to get more decibels from your sound system or configure it to produce the new quality of sound.

Air streaming is must have feature if you have Apple TV or Google Chromecast and it also available in the Flacbox and all other our audio apps.

Flacbox is absolutely free.

It was designed for iPhone, iPad with iOS 8.0 and later.

You can download it from the App Store here:

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