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How to increase playback speed on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is great service for music discovery and we use it every day. It allows everyone to publish their own tracks, albums, covers, podcasts, lectures and so on. But if you like to listen to audiobooks and podcasts on SoundCloud you will find one great feature that is misssed in official SoundCloud iOS client. Yes we are talking about playback speed control - useful feature that allows you to increase playback speed for some podcasts and audio books. Many people voted for this feature on SoundCloud Help Community Center here: but no luck.

For all those users we'd like to present our app called Soundy: the best unofficial SoundCloud player for iOS. It's FREE and has tons of features like playback speed control, equalizer, audio bookmarks, sleep timer and so on. And now we will show you how can you stream SoundCloud at a different speed. Just five simple steps:

Soundy app icon

1. First what you need is to install Soundy from the App Store:

2. Then open 'My account' screen and enter your login credentials or use 'Sign in with Google' or 'Sign in with Facebook' buttons:

Soundy uses official SoundCloud API and we don't have access to your login credentials.

After this you will see Account Screen with all your tracks, playlists, albums, likes, followers:

3. Open needed category and find track, podcast, audio book you want to play and tap on it to start the player.

4. Open 'Player' screen and tap on 'Speed' control:

5. You can change speed from 0.2 to 2x with 0.1x step. This is very useful for podcasts when you need to increase speed with accuracy precision. If you have any questions just leave your comments below.

P. S.

Soundy also has real 10 band equalizer with preamp and bass booster.

You can read about equalizer here:

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