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How To Export SoundCloud Playlists, Favorites, Reposts to M3U

Soundy Playlists Export

How To export SoundCloud Playlist to M3U format

1. Install Soundy.

2. Login to your SoundCloud account.

Soundy Login Screen

3. Select 'Playlists' in 'My Profile' screen

Soundy My Profile Screen

4. Tap 'More' button on the playlist you want to export

Soundy My Playlists Screen

5. Select 'Export to m3u' in the drop down menu

Soundy Options Screen

6. Wait several seconds while activity indicator is running

Soundy Loading Screen

7. Once export operation completed you will see standard 'Open In' dialog where you can select destination location for generated m3u playlist

Soundy Export Screen

8. You can transfer playlist to Mac using AirDrop

Soundy Air Drop Screen

9. You can open playlist in any program that supports m3u playlists (Vox, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, iTunes)

VOX player screen

How To export SoundCloud Favorites to M3U playlist

You can export not only playlists from SoundCloud in Soundy app but entire list of favorites, uploaded songs from your profile and any public profile. To do this open 'Favorites' and tap 'More' button in the top right corner.

Soundy Favorites Screen

Select 'Export to m3u' action to start export operation

Soundy Export To M3U Screen

That's all for this tutorial. You can find more information about Soundy here

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