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How to edit id3 tags on iPhone

Unlock the power of seamless music library management with Evermusic and Flacbox. These versatile apps allow you to connect to your cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and even your home computer, TimeCapsule, or NAS. With the ability to download songs, albums, and artists for offline playback at your convenience, your music is always at your fingertips.

When you import songs into your music library, they are intelligently grouped by artists, albums, and genres. Album artworks are automatically loaded using metadata from your tracks. This makes it vital to keep your songs' metadata updated. With accurate metadata, you can effortlessly locate any song, album, or artist in your music library.

While many desktop apps offer metadata editing, Evermusic and Flacbox take simplicity to the next level by including an ID3 tags editor. Now, you can use one app to build your music library, enjoy your tunes, and fine-tune audio tags.

Here's how to edit ID3 tags of audio files:

1. Connect Your Cloud Account: Link your preferred cloud account within the app.

Evermusic Tag Editor: Add account

2. Navigate to Your Audio Files: Open the folder containing your audio files in the connected cloud account.

Evermusic Tag Editor: Select audio folder

3. Access File Options: Tap the 'More' button ('...') near the file you want to edit.

Evermusic Tag Editor: More actions

4. Choose 'Edit Audio Tags': In the popup menu, select 'Edit audio tags.'

Evermusic Tag Editor: Downloading file

5. Download and Edit: Wait as the file is downloaded to the cache, and the edit screen appears.

Evermusic Tag Editor: ID3 tags editor

6. Edit Tags: On the 'Edit Tags Screen,' modify metadata fields such as Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment, Song number, and Genre. Once you've finished editing, tap the 'Save' button to save your changes.

Evermusic Tag Editor: Identify album and genre

7. Smart Autocomplete: You can also utilize the smart autocomplete feature by tapping the 'Identify' button. This helps correct spelling errors and adds missing information. Imagine you only remember the artist and track name but not the album name – simply fill in the known fields (mistakes are allowed) and tap 'Identify.' The app will use an online database to find missing tags for your track and fill in the gaps.

Evermusic Tag Editor: Save ID3 tags

8. Automatic Upload: When you close the tags editor, the app will automatically upload the edited audio file back to the cloud, ensuring your library stays up to date.

Evermusic Tag Editor: Upload Edited File

Simplify your music library management and tag editing with Evermusic and Flacbox. Enjoy a streamlined experience and make the most of your cloud-stored music. Try it today and rediscover your music collection with ease!

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