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Flacbox Guide

Updated: 4 days ago

Flacbox is a high-resolution music player that lets you create your own cloud music streaming service without any limits. Simply upload your Albums, Artists, and Tracks to free cloud storage options like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, your home computer, or personal NAS storage, and enjoy your music from anywhere with Flacbox.

This app features smart buffering technology for a seamless playback experience. You can download Playlists, Artists, Albums, or individual tracks for offline listening using the advanced download manager. When you're running low on iOS device storage, easily clear your cached tracks and continue streaming your music from the cloud.

When you import audio tracks, the app scans their metadata and organizes them into a Music Library, grouping songs by Artist, Album, and Genre. Quickly find the songs you want with the built-in Search feature.

If you come across corrupted track metadata, the built-in ID3 Tags Editor can help you fix it.

Transferring music between your Mac or PC and your iPhone or iPad is a breeze with options like SMB, Wi-Fi Drive, and iTunes file sharing. Additionally, if you have devices like Apple Time Capsule, WD Cloud Mirror, or another personal NAS, you can connect them to Flacbox, giving you access to a vast music library without consuming extra device space.

Flacbox also boasts a built-in 10-band equalizer with iPod-style presets, a preamplifier, and a bass booster. If you're into audiobooks, you'll find Flacbox extremely handy, as it allows you to create multiple audio bookmarks and adjust playback speed. Moreover, you can stream your music to Apple TV or Google Chromecast devices and even use it in your car with Apple Car Play.

This guide will walk you through using Flacbox on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Navigation: Master the art of navigating Flacbox seamlessly, whether through the Tab Bar on iPhone or the Left Menu on iPad and Mac.

Connections: The first step to enhancing your music experience is connecting your cloud accounts. Uncover how to link them effortlessly and even edit your online files using our built-in file manager.

Music Library: Immerse yourself in the heart of Flacbox, the Music Library. Here, you can effortlessly manage your entire collection, from tracks to albums and artists.

Playlists: Create and organize your playlists with ease, arranging tracks in various combinations and orders to match your mood.

Local Files: Delve into the Local Files section, your hub for offline playback. Our intuitive file manager simplifies the process of editing your files.

Audio Player: Seize control of your music with our Audio Player. Efficiently manage the player queue and make the most of playback features such as the equalizer, sleep timer, audio bookmarks, and playback speed adjustment.

Settings: Tailor your Flacbox experience by adjusting application settings. Optimize performance, manage data usage, and customize the language and user interface to align with your preferences.

FAQ: Discover solutions to your most frequently asked questions in our FAQ section, simplifying your Flacbox experience and making it even more intuitive to your needs.

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Maria Loarte Pulido
Maria Loarte Pulido
Jul 12

Buenos dias yo hace varios años compre la version premiun y ahora me obligan a pagarles cada mes por un servicio que pague para siempre y encima me llenan de publicidad cuando quiero oir mi musica y todavia me piden que les recomienden en las redes sociales pues sera tofo lo contrario edtoy muy decepcionado. Rafael Izaguirre

4 days ago
Replying to

Hello, thanks for your feedback!

You can try pressing the "Restore Purchases" button in the app settings to restore your previous purchases.

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