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Flacbox 1.6 for iOS: Automatic Music Library Sync, 10-band Equalizer, OPUS File Format


today we released another massive update for Flacbox: FLAC music player for your iPhone or iPad. We added new great features that you asked in your feedbacks and fixed critical issues.

If you do not familiar with Flacbox is smart and powerful FLAC music player and streamer for your iPhone or iPad. With Flacbox you can play your FLAC music directly from the cloud storage or home computer.

So what’s new in this version:

Automatic Music Library Sync

Now you can sync music library automatically with connected cloud storages or with your home computer. Our sync manager will scan selected folders and add all founded audio files to your music library. You don’t need to do this manually anymore. You just need to update your music folders on the cloud storages and all added audio files will appear in your music library. If you remove any file from the network storage it will disappear from the app.

To enable automatic music library sync open Settings->Music Library->Automatic Sync->Wifi only or Wifi + cellular network. Navigate to the ‘Sync Folder’ section and tap on ‘Change Settings’ item. Now you can select which folders should be synced with your music library. You’d better select only folders with audio files to minimize number of requests to the network storage.

If you enable ‘Background sync’ option sync manager will work in background but only if music player is active. Be careful with this option if you have low battery cause synchronization needs extra power for making network requests.

10-band Equalizer

Many of you asked about equalizer and finally we’ve implemented this feature. You can access equalizer on the Player screen of from Settings. You can change equalizer frequency from -12Db to +12Db. You can use built in presets or apply your custom settings. You can change preamplifier power and make sound louder if sound volume not loud enough but be careful cause you can hurt your ears.

OPUS File Format

Just few words about OPUS. In this update we added support of OPUS audio format and now you can listen to your audio files in this format as well as in FLAC format with equalizer support.

External Flash Support

This is one of the main feature in this update. Now you can connect external flash cards (SD, micro SD) to your iPhone using Lightning to SD Card Camera Memory Reader Adapter and play your music directly from the memory card.

Just insert flash card to adapter and connect adapter to your device. Open Flacbox and you will see “PowerDrive inserted” message. Open ‘Services’ section and you will see PowerDrive icon at the bottom with your flash card name and storage usage. Just tap on the PowerDrive icon and navigate to the music folder on your flash card. Tap on any file and enjoy your music. All audio files will be played directly from your flash card so you can copy all your music from iPhone to flash card and use free space for photos and applications.


We also fixed a lot of issues including 2 seconds skip at the end of FLAC files. If you have any questions or found any issues just let us know. Together we will build great and useful music player. Thanks for your support!

If you need some additional feature just let us know. Download from the App Store:

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