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Evermusic Guide: Navigation

Evermusic offers an intuitive user interface that closely resembles the native Music app. What sets it apart from many popular music apps is its built-in file manager, giving users the power to edit audio files and seamlessly transfer them to and from cloud storage.

Evermusic's functionality is thoughtfully divided into two distinct components: the Music Library, conveniently accessible through the "Music Library" and "Playlists" tabs, and the Files section, found under the "Connections" and "Local Files" tabs.

Whether you're using an iPhone, iPad, or the compact mode on Mac, all app features are easily accessible through the tab bar at the bottom of the screen. For iPad and Mac users, the same menu can be found on the left side of the screen. This thoughtful organization categorizes all app features into easily accessible sections, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient experience.

evermusic main screen on mac

Connections: You can effortlessly connect cloud services such as Google Drive, MEGA, OneDrive, Dropbox, as well as your computer and personal NAS on this screen.

Playlists: Manage all your playlists here, where you can create, edit, remove, change song orders, enable offline mode, and add songs to the player queue.

Music Library: This section neatly displays all available tracks, grouped by Artist, Genre, and Album. You can manually or automatically add songs to your music library, and it even includes iPod tracks and downloaded music.

Local Files: Effortlessly locate and oversee your downloaded files, complete with control over the transfer queue. You can edit these local files using a range of file management actions. To access the transfer queue, just tap on the spinning arrows icon found at the top left corner of the 'Local Files' screen.

This section is available on iPhone, while on Mac and iPad, it's divided into two categories: Files in this application, displaying local files within the application's Documents directory, and Files on this iPad (Mac), revealing files located on the device (Mac or iPad).

Settings: Modify application settings, including popular options like crossfade playback, music library sync, player cache, album artwork cache, user interface, and localization.

Quick Access: Seamlessly navigate to your favorite and recently played tracks and files. For Mac and iPad users, a dedicated section is available, while iPhone users can conveniently find them within the 'Local Files,' 'Connections,' and 'Music Library' sections located at the top of the screen.

Mini Player: On iPhone, activate a full-screen player by tapping the mini player icon and using a swipe-down gesture to hide it. On iPad and Mac, the mini player screen is located at the top of the screen and can be hidden when opening the full-screen player via the main menu.

evermusic mini player on iphone

Mini Player Window (Mac Exclusive): To access the mini player window on your Mac, simply move your cursor to the bottom-right edge of the app window and resize it to the smallest possible size. Then, tap the collapse button (depicted as a downward arrow) to activate the mini player window. To keep the mini player window always on top of other windows, navigate to the top menu bar of your Mac, select 'Window,' and then choose 'Show Window Always On Top.' This feature is especially handy for listening to audio lectures without interruptions.

evermusic mini player on mac

More Button: Virtually every content item on the screen features a "More Button." Tap it to access all available actions.

evermusic more button context menu

Top Toolbar: The top toolbar, situated conveniently just beneath the navigation bar, provides quick access to several useful actions. You can easily reveal or conceal this toolbar with a straightforward swipe-down gesture. Here is a list of the actions:

Search: Begin a search within the current context.

Continue Playback: Evermusic offers a seamless 'Continue Playback' feature, designed to effortlessly restore the audio player's state for the current directory, album, artist, or playlist from the last saved position. This functionality is available if enabled in the application settings.

Play All: Easily add all tracks from the current page to the audio player queue, maintaining the current sort order.

Shuffle All: Add all tracks from the current page to the audio player queue, shuffling them before adding for a delightful listening experience.

evermusic top toolbar


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