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Evermusic 3.1: Crossfade playback, new music library, data backup

Evermusic 3.1 What's New

Crossfade playback

One of the main feature in this update is crossfade playback. With this feature all your tracks are playing continuously. There is no pause between next and current song during switching. You can find this feature useful for classical music, live recordings and concept albums. You can change crossfade duration from 3 to 15 seconds or turn it off in 'Settings' - > 'Audio Player' - > 'Crossfade playback'.

New Music library

We changed Music library section so it looks more clear and it's easy to find all needed Songs, Albums, Artists in it. We also added Music library 'Synchronization' on the Main screen so now it's easy to start synchronization if you uploaded new music on your cloud storage and after small period of time it will appear in the app. We also added new sorting function and now you can sort all songs in your Music library or Playlist by Name, Size, Song number, Album, Artist. We improved Metadata reader so now it will update your tracks meta very quickly. You can also increase speed of metadata loading in 'Settings' - > 'Music library' - > 'Metadata reading'.

Data backup

In this update we also added Music library Backup. Now you can backup all your Music library with Playlists, Songs, Album artworks and Application settings to the cloud storage and restore it from there. Just open 'Settings' - > 'Backup & restore' - > select the items you want to backup and tap 'Backup' button. All you data will be archived to one file and you can choose destination folder on your cloud storage where you want to upload it.

Audio player queue

We improved audio player queue and added 'Play next' and 'Play later' features. You can also change track position in player queue or remove it from there.

New iPod library

Now you can find all your Playlists, Albums, Artists, Genres from iPod library on the Main screen. You can add your iPod tracks to Audio player queue or save them to 'Files'.

Account editing

With network accounts editing feature you can edit configuration for all connected Network accounts. This is very useful when you change login information for your cloud storage and you need to update it in the application.

New Tags Editor

We improved Audio tags editor so now 'Identify' action works more predictable cause it scans your track file name and updates ID3 tags of your audio file.

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