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Evermusic 3.6 Whats new

Evermusic 3.6 what's new

Discover the latest enhancements in Evermusic 3.6, designed to elevate your music experience to new heights:

Apple CarPlay Integration:

CarPlay transforms your iPhone into a smarter and safer companion for your car. Seamlessly connect your iPhone to your vehicle, and you'll have access to all your favorite content from Evermusic right on your car's built-in display. Enjoy your cherished tunes while keeping your focus firmly on the road ahead.

VoiceOver Accessibility:

We've prioritized accessibility with VoiceOver, a gesture-based screen reader that makes the iPhone experience inclusive for all users, including those with visual impairments. VoiceOver provides audible descriptions of everything happening on your screen. To enhance VoiceOver support, we've added text labels and hints to all user interface components, ensuring a fully accessible audio player experience. Additionally, we've introduced a 'Simple User Interface' switch in the app settings, streamlining the interface by removing unnecessary components when VoiceOver is active.

Mixed Output for Ultimate Flexibility:

Ever wanted to mix audio from this application with audio from other apps on your iPhone? Now you can! Simply navigate to Settings -> Audio Player -> General -> Audio Output Mode. This feature proves invaluable for gaming and DJ sets, offering unparalleled audio flexibility.

Continue Playback, Seamlessly:

Evermusic now allows you to effortlessly restore the audio player state to where it was before you closed the app. Your audio player queue, the current track, and media position are all saved automatically. To activate this feature, open Settings -> Audio Player -> General -> Save Audio Player State -> Enabled. Audiobook lovers and lecture enthusiasts will find this feature especially useful.

Artworks Editing Made Easy:

Personalize your music library with ease by editing album artwork for your audio files, including FLAC, MP3, and AIFF formats, as well as playlists. The built-in tags editor simplifies the process, allowing you to change album covers with a single tap.

iCloud Drive Integration:

Evermusic now seamlessly integrates with iCloud Drive and other compatible applications, making it effortless to import music from various sources. Your favorite tracks are always just a click away.

With Evermusic 3.6, we're committed to providing you with a more immersive and accessible music experience. Whether you're on the road with Apple CarPlay, enjoying VoiceOver support, or taking advantage of the new playback features, Evermusic continues to evolve to meet your music needs. Upgrade now and discover the future of music enjoyment!

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