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Audio Bookmarks for SoundCloud

Soundy: Audio Bookmark For SoundCloud

With Soundy you can listen to your favorite audio books, lectures, podcasts from SoundCloud and create audio bookmarks.

To create audio bookmark for SoundCloud follow steps below:

1. Find podcast or audio track on the Search screen or My Account screen:

Soundy Search Podcast on SoundCloud

2. Tap on the track to start player:

Soundy Playlist Detail Screen

3. Open Player screen and tap on the MORE button ('...') at the top left corner and select 'Bookmarks' menu:

Soundy Audio Bookmarks for SoundCloud track

4. Tap 'Add new bookmark' and select bookmark time. By default new bookmark is created with current player time. If you want to change it just use time picker. You can also change bookmark name just tap on it:

Soundy Add New Bookmark

5. Tap 'Done' and you will back to the previous screen with created bookmark. With these simple steps you can create several bookmarks for one song. It's very convenient for large audio books or podcasts:

Soundy Created Audio Bookmarks

6. If you want jump to the created bookmark position just tap on the bookmark title:

Soundy Open Bookmark

7. You can also find all tracks with bookmarks just tap 'All songs' in the segmented control:

Soundy All Tracks with Audio Bookmarks

If you have any questions just write your comments below.



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