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Flacbox has a simple user interface like a native Music app. But instead of the most popular music apps which do not allow you to work with files Flacbox has a built-in file manager so you can edit audio files and transfer them to the cloud storage and vice versa.


Because Flacbox allows you to work with files as well as with the music library it has two logical parts: Music Library ("Music Library", "Playlists" tab) and Files ("Connect", "Local Files" tab). 


On iPhone and iPad/Mac (in compact mode), you can use the tab bar on the bottom of the screen to access all app features.


The same menu is available on iPad and Mac on the left of the screen.


All app features are grouped by sections.




You can connect cloud services like Google Drive, MEGA, OneDrive, Dropbox as well as your computer and personal NAS on that screen. 



All your playlists will appear there. You can create a new playlist, edit, remove, change songs order, enable offline mode, add songs to the player queue.


Music Library

This section displays all tracks that are available for playing. All songs in your music library are grouped by Artist, Genre, Album. You can add songs to your music library manually or automatically. You can also find iPod tracks and downloaded music here.


Local Files

You can find all downloaded files and manage the transfer queue. You can edit local files using all available file manager operations. To access the transfer queue tap on the spinning arrows icon on the top left corner of the "Local Files" screen.



All application settings can be changed there. The most popular are: crossfade playback, music library sync, player cache, album artworks cache, user interface, localization.


Mini Player

On iPhone, you can activate a full-screen player by tapping on the mini player icon and using a swipe-down gesture to hide it. On iPad and Mac - mini player screen located on the top of the screen and hides when you open full-screen player by selecting a corresponding menu item on the main menu.


More Button

Almost every content item on the screen has a "More Button". Tap it to see all available actions.



If you need to search for something just scroll down the navigation bar to show the search button. You can also activate search by tapping "More Button" on some screens.


Play all

Add all tracks from the current page to the audio player queue with the current sort order.


Shuffle all

Add all tracks from the current page to the audio player queue. Shuffle tracks before adding them to the audio player queue.

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