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Player is the main app screen where you can control player queue and playback features such as equalizer, sleep timer, audio bookmarks, and so on. You can access full-screen player from mini-player view which is located above the tab bar on the main screen or from the left menu on iPad and Mac. Tap on the mini player icon and use the swipe-down gesture to hide it. You can also hide the full-screen player by tapping the close button which is located in the bottom right corner.

Playback controls

Playback controls are available at the bottom of the screen. There are "Play", "Pause", "Next Track", "Previous Track" buttons. There are also additional controls "Next 30 sec", "Previous 30 sec" which are hidden by default but you can enable them in the app settings. Use tap and hold gesture with Next/Previous Track buttons to activate "Fast Forward" and "Fast Backward" functionality. Use playback slider to change current media position. "Repeat" - tap the repeat button if you want to change repeat mode. Available options: "Repeat all" - repeat all tracks in the player queue, "Repeat one" - repeat only one track, "Repeat Stop" - stop player when track finished, "Repeat None" - do not repeat tracks in the player queue. "Shuffle" - change tracks order randomly. This action changes tracks order in the queue and tracks are played one by one with the new order. Available values: "Shuffle off", "Shuffle on".

Volume view

Find volume slider under playback controls. You can change the volume using this slider or standard volume buttons on your device. There are also additional streaming buttons: "Google Cast" - allows you to connect Google Chromecast devices, "AirPlay" - allows you to connect devices using AirPlay technology. 


Audio equalizer

This application has a built-in 10-band equalizer with iPod-style presets, preamplifier, and manual equalizer settings. To activate the equalizer tap the "Equalizer" button on the volume view and enable switch control in the top right corner. Choose predefined equalizer preset (Acoustic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Classical, Dance, Deep, Electronic, Flat, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Loudness, Lounge, Piano, Pop, R&B, Rock, Small Speakers, Treble Booster, Treble Reducer, Vocal Booster). The equalizer has 10 different frequencies from 32 Hz to 16 kHz and you can change amplifier gain for every frequency using a slider. You can create and save your own audio equalizer preset. You can also change preamplifier gain if your track is not loud enough.


Player mode toolbar

There is a player mode toolbar on the top of the player screen under the navigation bar if you have player screen style "Antique" and "Classical". There are three buttons on the player mode toolbar.

"Search" - tap the search icon if you want to find a needed track in the player queue.

"Playback speed control" - change playback speed from 0,02x to 3,00x. This might be useful for audiobooks and lectures. Tap "Normal" speed to set speed default settings.

"Audio bookmarks" - create multiple bookmarks for tracks in your music library.

Player queue

Tap the player queue button located at the right side of the current track title to open the player queue. Every track in the list has more actions button "..." and next actions available:

"Play next" - move a song to play next after the current item in the queue.

"Add to a playlist" - add a song to a playlist.

"Download" - download song for offline playback

"Edit audio tags" - change audio tags for the selected song and update it on the cloud storage.

"Open in" - open song in a different application installed on your device.

"Delete from cloud service" - delete a song from cloud storage and music library.

"Delete from local files" - delete a song from local storage on your device.

"Delete from queue" - delete a song from the player queue.

More player actions

Tap the more actions button "..." on the left side of the current item title to see additional actions.

"Continue playback" - restore last saved player state including queue and last media position. This feature is useful for audiobooks and you can activate it in the app setting.

"Delete queue" - clear player queue and stop the player.

"Recents" - show list of recently played songs.

"Sleep timer" - activate sleep timer. Played will stop after the time interval you selected on this screen.

"Settings" - show application settings.

Audio bookmarks

This feature allows you to create multiple bookmarks for tracks in your music library. Tap the "Bookmarks" button on the player mode toolbar or from the "More actions" menu to open the bookmarks screen. On that screen, you have segmented control with "Current song" / "All songs". The first one is selected by default and in this mode, you can create/edit audio bookmarks for the currently playing track. If you select "All songs" - you will see the list of all bookmarked tracks. This is useful when you need to find a bookmarked track.

To create a new bookmark start the player with a needed song - > open player screen - > on the player mode toolbar tap the "Bookmarks" button - > tap "Add bookmark" - > select bookmark time and tap "Done" on the top right corner. This will add a bookmark for the selected track and it will appear in the list.

If you want to edit bookmarks for the current track tap the "Edit" button in the top right corner to active edit mode. In that mode you can change bookmarks order, remove them, change bookmark time and title.

Recents is the list of recently played songs and you can access it on the player screen by tapping more actions button "..." and selecting the "Recents" menu item. You can "Search" for a song, "Play all" and "Shuffle all" tracks using the toolbar under the navigation bar on the "Recents" screen. Tap more actions button "..." in the top right corner and select "Delete all" - to clear the history of recently played songs.

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