Guide: Music Library

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Music library is main app section where you can manage all your tracks.

There are two options available for building your library: manual and automatic sync.

To add tracks manually tap on the plus button and select folders/files from the connected network account. Selected tracks will appear in your library. When you add tracks to the library only links will be created. This was made to save disk space on your device. If you want to make tracks available offline use download action from the options menu.

Automatic sync

Automatic sync allows you to add tracks to the library automatically. You need to activate automatic sync in app settings and select sync folders. In this case application will scan all selected folders to find supported audio files and add them to the library. You can start/stop synchronization by tapping on the corresponding menu action.

Metadata reader

When you add tracks to the library metadata reader activates. This background process reads all tracks metadata and group them by Artist, Album, Genre. You can change speed of metadata reading in app settings. You can also disable metadata reader and show file names instead of tags information. Metadata reader only updates metadata in your music library and does not change files stored in your cloud account. If you want to edit metadata for audio files use the corresponding action from the options menu.

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Main menu

Songs - displays all songs available in your Music library.

Albums, Artists, Genres - all songs grouped by criteria.

iPod Library - displays all tracks that were synchronized with iTunes. Please notice that application can not play DRM protected audio files or files purchased in the App Store.

Downloaded music  - all tracks available for offline playback and grouped by Artist, Genre, Album.

View mode

When you open Songs/Artists/Albums/Genres screen there are Search, Play all and View mode on the top toolbar which is available under the navigation bar. You can show and hide top toolbar using swipe to bottom gesture.

Search - activates built-in search feature so you can quickly find needed track, album, artist.

Play all - adds all tracks to the player queue with default tracks order. If shuffle is enabled you tracks will be added randomly.

Grid/List - changes items view mode.

evermusic guide music library view mode.
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Sort - changes sort order of the items.

Available values:

Name - sort items by name,

Size - sort items by duration,

Recently added - sort by item adding date to the library,

Song number - sort by track album number,

Album - sort tracks by album,

Artist - sort tracks by artist and album.

Options menu


For the every item in the library there are several actions available and you can access them by tapping more button (...) If you don’t see all actions please scroll down to make all items visible.

Play all - replace player queue with items from selected collection.

Play next - add item(s) to the top of player queue.

Play later - add item(s) to the bottom of player queue.

Add to playlist - add item to the playlist. You can also create playlist new playlist on the next screen.

Download - make track or tracks collection available offline. Item will be added to the transfer queue and will appear in Files tab and Downloaded music section.

Edit audio tags - open built-in tags editor.

Open in - export file to another app.

Delete from cloud storage - delete file from music library and cloud storage. This action cannot be undone.

Delete from music library - delete track or collection from music library. If automatic sync is enabled and file exists on the remote storage it will appear again in your library after sync operation complete.

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